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If you are a QA Engineer, Leave your work to the Experts, SecretQA

Let us run your Manual and Automation Tests and report them to you. We are at your side to support you in your current salaried job with our team of experts, experienced in software testing. With SecretQA, you can complete your work more effectively and with higher performance. You send us a small portion of your salary and you just attend the meetings and enjoy yourself.

  • Tell Us About the Business Once
  • If you have a Test Architecture, let's run the tests on that architecture, if not, on a new architecture.
  • Let us deliver your work to you before the due date. Be successful in your business by having fun.
  • And it all stays between us :)

Manual Testing

The software to be tested is understood and scenarios are produced for it.

Automation Testing

Manual test cases can be automated. Tests for automation do not bloat the database, the tests are managed independently.

Synchronized Work

We deliver the work before your deliveries. We can develop with programs such as Zoom, Anydesk, Teamviewer, whether in our own environment or in a secure user session.

Reliable Collaboration

If you wish, you can secure your rights with a confidentiality agreement. We stand behind our word. For years our customers have been satisfied.


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CI/CD compatible Test Automation Architecture

We can help you to create the Code Structure in the conversion of your Manual Tests to Automation according to the DRY Code structure, and to implement the processes of running and reporting the Tests on the servers.

Test Automation for Every Programming Language

Writing automation codes of test sets or single tests. It includes the best delivery.And establishing a structure that will work regularly for changing xpaths and performing continuous maintenance of this structure.

Performance Testing

We help you perform performance testing, load testing and stress testing of the system with various libraries and programs.

Reliable and VPN access with remote connection

With applications such as Anydesk, Team Viewer, Zoom, Teams, we can provide control access on your computer and run the Tests on your own computer. A reliable, comfortable and visible development is carried out.Important for websites that require a VPN.

Test Planning , Writing Test Scenarios , Manual Testing and Find Bug

We ensure that test cases are created and recorded step by step with the test planning study carried out according to the analysis requirements. And we support you in running manual tests and reporting bugs.

Job Application and Work Process Consulting

We help you successfully complete the tasks given in the interviews. And With the instructions given by the Expert Test Engineer, we enable you to continue in your business and rise further.

For a Comfortable and Successful Business Life

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  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Test Planning
  • Web QA
  • Desktop QA
  • Mobile QA

We cannot share our portfolio as confidentiality is essential.

Our Unnamed Customer for Security Reasons/1

QA Automation & Engineer

54 people were laid off from the IT department at my company. But because I was working with SecretQA, I was promoted to a more important project. Thank you SecretQA for running my business so well for 2 years

Our Unnamed Customer for Security Reasons/2

Test Engineer

I shared the interview questions with SecretQA at the beginning of the job. They helped me get the job with a clean code structure. They are currently helping me with my work.

Our Unnamed Customer for Security Reasons/3

Test Automation Engineer

I was very busy. So I decided to get support. We are working on the job and I am very satisfied. I pay per Test Case. For me it is both comfortable and affordable.

Our Unnamed Customer for Security Reasons/4

Lead Test Engineer

Although I am a lead, I needed support on some issues. I wrote about them shamefully and they helped me. It's very reliable that no one knows but the two of us. Thanks to SecretQA for their help in planning the Test Architecture.


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Can Arazli

Chief Executive Officer / Expert Test Engineer

Behlul Ziyagil

Senior Test Automation Engineer

Madame Coco

Senior Test Engineer

Seautiful Testy

Intern Test Engineer


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